HISTORY of the establishment and development of the Department “Economics, Industrial Engineering and Management”:

1945 till 1968 – name: “Mechanical Technology and Factory Organization” – Head of department: Academician Professor Angel Balevski (founder).


1969 till 1983 – name: “Organization and Economics of Machine-building Production” – Heads of department: Prof. Kosta Dulev (1969 – 1971) and Prof. Minko Atanasov (since 1972).


1984 till 1990 г. – name: “Economics, Organization and Management of Machine-building Production” – Head of department: Prof. Minko Atanasov.

1991 up to now – name: “Economics, Industrial Engineering and Management” – Heads of Department:

- Prof. Dr. Eng. Bozhidar Alvasov (1991 till 1995);
- Assoc Prof. Dr. Eng. Panajot Ganchev (1996 till 2000);
- Assoc Prof. Dr Dimitar Donchev (2001 till 2002);
- Prof. Dr. Mladen Velev (2002 up to now).

The department holds training in economic-managerial disciplines for the students of all other specialties of TU-Sofia, as well as training for foreign students and PhD-Studentships.